Keiichi Tanaami: 'Tanaami x adidas originals' at NANZUKA

NANZUKA is pleased to present “Tanaami x adidas Originals,” a solo exhibition of new works by Keiichi Tanaami. This presentation is a special exhibition organized as part of “adidas gallery,” a new artist collaboration project by sports fashion brand, adidas Originals.

While the fusion of art and fashion is a new trend in the current culture scene, such collaborations are no means unusual for Tanaami. For Tanaami, who has been active as a graphic designer, filmmaker, and artist for over half a century since the 1960s, never heeding the boundaries of mediums or genres but instead continuing to aggressively traverse them through his unique practice, this project could indeed be considered as a main battlegrounds for exercising his creativity.

Tanaami x adidas Originals is on view through March 9, 2019. To learn more, click here.