William Cordova - ankaylli: spatial and ideological terrain, Marfa Contemporary

William Cordova’s (born Lima, Peru; lives Miami, Florida) artwork takes the form of various media and ranges from the abstract to the representational, yet it is always charged with symbolism. Often constructed from familiar “non-art” materials (paint chips, old maps, the sounds of ants, concrete, two-by-fours) that bare traces of previous use, Cordova’s drawings, collages, sculptures, audio tracks, videos, and installations interweave places, cultures, and periods frequently perceived as distinct. 

For “ankaylli: spatial and ideological terrain” Cordova has created a constellation—a spiral wooden structure “orbited” by sculptures, collages, Polaroids, a video, objects around town, a free newspaper, a website—in which Pre-Columbian traditions, Modern Art and Architecture, and Spiritualism overlap, as indeed they do in Marfa, a town known equally for Native American history, Minimalism, and star-gazing. The exhibition includes poetic and direct references to all three: stepped pyramids patterns, geometric concrete forms, and symbols of the cosmos.


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