Arturo Herrera in Inherent Structure, Wexner Center for the Arts, May 19 - August 12

On view at the Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus, Ohio from May 19 – August 12, 2018, Inherent Structure showcases the work of a multigenerational group of artists vividly exploring the powers of abstract representation in contemporary art. Each represented by several meticulously selected works, the sixteen artists in Inherent Structure are Richard Aldrich, Zachary Armstrong, Kevin Beasley, Sam Gilliam, Channing Hansen, Arturo Herrera, Eric N. Mack, Rebecca Morris, Carrie Moyer, Sam Moyer, Angel Otero, Laura Owens, Ruth Root, Thomas Scheibitz, Amy Sillman, and Stanley Whitney.

Historically, abstract painting has been associated with gesture, chance, impulse, and aesthetic purity. While insisting on the nuanced scaffolding and structures embedded in abstraction, the otherwise disparate artists in Inherent Structure focus equally on the material, experiential, and social influences on painting. Even as they address the complex foundations of abstraction, this gathering of bold, rigorous paintings provides a visually captivating experience for all viewers. 

Less an exhaustive survey of contemporary abstract painting than a bringing together of extraordinary works by sixteen exceptional artists, Inherent Structure encourages viewers to meditate on the underlying sources and influences of abstraction by providing varied and multiple manifestations of it, and in doing so, it affirms abstraction as vital, expressive, and unending.


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