Mine, 2007
Pigmented abaca watermark on pigmented cotton base sheet with hand-cut collaged pulp painting
60 x 30 inches (152.4 x 76.2 cm)
Edition of 23
Published by Dieu Donne

Arturo Herrera
Mine (2007) was inspired by a body of collage work exhibited at Sikkema Jenkins & Co. in 2006. These immense, colorful and often high-contrast works on paper blend a wide range of techniques - fusing collage, watercolor, cut-paper, drawing and more. Collage has been of particular importance to the artist’s work. Incorporating imagery and forms derived from pop culture and the history of painting, the artist creates points of entry for the viewer into his surreal and elegant world. Working with Artistic Director Paul Wong, Herrera blended his collage and drawing practices with papermaking techniques learned during his residency and developed in the DIeu Donné studios.

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