Santiago, 2010
Mixed media on paper
32.125 x 51.625 inches
81.6 x 131.1 cm
Rapt #2, 2011
Mixed media on paper with wool felt
86.625 x 59 x 4.75 inches
220 x 149.9 x 12.1 cm
By Night, 2008
Mixed media on paper
2 parts:
85.875 x 49.5 inches each
218.1 x 125.7 cm
Mount, 2008
Collage, mixed media on paper
86.81 x 50.39 inches
220.5 x 128 cm
Come, 2008
Collage, mixed media, graphite on paper
3 parts:
79.72 x 57.09 inches each
202.5 x 145 cm
#17 BF1, 2006
Mixed media collage on paper
98.5 x 48.5 inches
250.2 x 123.2 cm
Felt #12 / Red, 2008
Wool felt
104 x 69.625 inches
264.2 x 176.8 cm
Books, 2009
Mixed media on paper
1 from a set of 4 works:
16.5 x 23.375 inches each
41.9 x 59.4 cm
En Cada Casa, 2008
Mixed media and canvas on paper
39.375 x 27.5 inches
100 x 69.9 cm

Band, 2011
Paint on wall
Dimensions variable
Installation view:
Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale, 2011
Photo: Robin Hill
When Alone Again III, 2001
Latex on wall
Dimension variable
Installation view:
Hammer Museum, 2001
Photo: Joshua White
Arturo Herrera
B. 1959

Utilizing fragments of imagery borrowed from popular culture, Arturo Herrera creates collages, felt sculptures, and wall paintings that lie on the shifting border between legibility and abstraction. Born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1959, Herrera received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Tulsa and an MFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He has exhibited widely in galleries and museums throughout the United States and Europe. His artwork is currently on view in a solo exhibition at the Linda Pace Foundation in San Antonio, TX. Recent solo exhibitions have been staged at Corbett vs. Dempsey in Chicago and Thomas Dane Gallery in London in 2012, and at the Americas Society in New York in 2011. He currently lives and works in Berlin.
Arlene Shechet, Arturo Herrera, Kay Rosen, Tony Feher
Group Exhibition
January 31 - March 2, 2013
Selected Press
Arturo Herrera
Arturo Herrera
Berlin Singers
Arturo Herrera